Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Missed two weeks!

Days in: Paused!

Well, the virus that the kids had in September and J got in October finally caught up to me right after our date night (which was FANTASTIC) and the conference I worked (which was also great but not as great as the ballet).

I've been pretty miserable. I have had really swollen glands that are super painful, and my homeopathic practitioner has told me to work on rest and cutting back on stressors before going back to the cleanse. She also wants to keep me on the clean eating diet, which I have been continuing but supplementing with liberal amounts of chocolate and wine this week. Oops. My body has been fighting the bug and processing the gunk I'm releasing with the cleanse, and I overloaded it. Adding in sugar has been a really bad idea. 

My weight stayed the same for the first week, and crept up a couple of pounds last week... and now that I'm starting to feel better physically, I'm going to give it my best shot again.

How I'm feeling: Upset at myself for backsliding. I know better than to give in like that. Yes, my homeopath told me to stop the cleanse, BUT I had no excuse to stop eating clean. I'm also a bit worried about my glands. It's a reaction to continuously elevated cortisol levels, affecting my adrenals in a very negative way. I NEED to slow down. I know I do. I just don't know what I can give up or cut out of my life.

What else I'm doing: J was just away for 5 days, and it's the first time he's been gone on a trip that I HAVEN'T done something majorly renovate-y on the house. I usually use the time to motivate myself to overhaul a room or paint something or build something... the surprise to him when he's home is magic to me. But I decided this time to rest as much as I could to get over the bug. Oh, and I did the laundry. 

Planning for next week: The week ahead looks a bit more "normal", and I've refused to schedule anything for next weekend that wasn't already on the calendar. Huddle time with hubby and kids - something we haven't done for months and months. There's always something planned. I'm looking forward to it!

What I want to tweak or add: I am going to go back to clean eating, and get out cross country skiing at least twice this week. It's so beautiful outside with the fresh snow!

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