Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Starting the Cleanse - The Plan

Days in: 1/30
How I'm feeling: Motivated, excited, optimistic.... so, pretty typical for a "new thing".

What I think will be tough: Keeping the coffee, black tea and booze on the down low. I like my coffee, and I enjoy my sit-down-and-unwind-with-a-drink time. Could be interesting. 
Weight: 215.8 BLECH. 

I am not expecting this to "fix me" all at once.  I've done enough obsessing over my weight and my diet in the past, and that is really not what this is all about. (At least, I'm trying to not make it about weight.)
Fresh, bright, new, happy... and natural.

So, what is this all about? Well, really it's about me having another baby. I don't want the space between my now 22 month old and the next one to be more than 3 years, so it's about time to start getting on that pony. Buuut.... I have been a real slacker since having baby G, and that leaves me still at about 12lbs heavier than when I got pregnant with her. That has to go.

It's also about my findings about adrenals.... and how if you have too much cortisol (stress hormones!) that isn't processed, you're going to basically bog down your adrenals. Symptoms can include difficulty losing weight, insomnia, etc etc etc..... and so without all the gory details, I think this is an issue I need to address. Dealing with stress properly (and minimizing stress in daily life) is one thing, and then healing my body and helping it to work optimally is the other. Cleansing my system and supporting my adrenals is the goal.

I would like to lose some weight - at least 10 lbs - before getting pregnant again. I think that weight loss will be a bonus of being focussed on this cleanse. Weight loss won't be the focus in of itself, but when you pay attention to what you eat and when you eat, for whatever reason, you're going to see positive results. 

Planning for next week: Wed: school, choir, Thurs: school, piano lessons, work, Friday: school, my sister's art show, Saturday: sewing H'ween costumes and catching up on housework, Sunday: taking a son to Cavalia. Monday: work and gymnastics, and Tuesday work and home school. So, a pretty normal week. Hopefully I'll also manage to sleep a bit more. The insomnia and anxiety seems to hit around 3:30am, keeping me up for a couple of hours while I hash out my to-do list....  

This week, I will begin taking cleanse capsules on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch, and then 3 hours after supper. That means I need to eat at regular intervals, and know when that's going to be.  Score one for mindful eating! This will be a fun challenge. 

What I really want to work on: Eating more often, in smaller quantity. 

When I'm not focussed carefully on healthy eating and healthy living, I become really bad about getting up, rushing headlong into my day (the way I rush headlong into everything), and forgetting that I need to eat breakfast. And then forgetting about lunch, or thinking that I'll just hold out til supper, and be fine. 

What? Did I just say I only eat one meal a day? Yes. I'm embarassed to admit that this "career dieter" makes the basic and metabolism-bogging mistake of kicking my body into starvation mode. Often. I might eat as few as 950 calories in a day, but if they're basically all in one sitting, my body just says, "FINALLY! FOOD!" and stuffs it all next to my belly button. No thanks. 

It's definitely time to recreate some good habits. I've been lazy for months, and that has left me really stuck in a rut. 

Wish me luck!

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