Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Cleanse - week 2

Days in: 14/30
How I'm feeling: Really tired, but usually not too bad.

What's been tough: Eating the way I should. I've been really lackadaisical this week.  
Weight lost: Down another couple of pounds to 209.5

What I've been eating: Mostly the same kind of stuff as last week, but with a lot more carbs thrown in than I wanted. And cheese. Today was cheese and crackers and chips and dip, and I don't even like chips. I find myself reaching for things like that - "bad" things that I don't usually want, when I'm really restrictive.

I did only have 2 Halloween treats today. And I am saving the other one for tomorrow. Sugar.... and then the rest has to go away. Even just out of sight will work. If it's not on my counter I won't bother. Usually.

What else I'm doing: Life has been SO busy. I spent no less than 15 hours last Saturday and Sunday creating my son's minion costume for Halloween. Bonus: it turned out absolutely perfectly (See above). The middle two used store bought costumes because I didn't have it in me to make theirs, too... and the baby was a perfect little hobo. She got right into it, carrying her sack with the stick slung over a shoulder, pulling it down to have candy added. All grins and smudgy, adorable face. We had a blast trick-or-treating tonight. I dressed up, too.

Anyway, with work and then Halloween prep, and home schooling and everything ELSE in my life, I have felt pretty off-kilter this week. I'm really hoping to get back on top this week.  

Planning for next week: Date night coming up! Rule number 1 for this week: no alcohol except for date night. We're going to dinner and the ballet on Friday, then Saturday I am working a conference all day (Subway salad for lunch), and then Monday we're back to the city for a big museum day with the kids but I'm packing a lunch. Eating out can be tricky to do right, so I'm needing to make myself conscious right now so I'll be especially careful with the rest of the week.

What I want to tweak or add: I really, really need to go to bed at a decent time. I feel like I'm coming down with something, but that's no surprise, with how little sleep I've been getting. 

Any advice, dear reader? What can I change to make this process smoother?

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