Thursday, December 1, 2011

Does forgetting to eat count as dieting?

Well, I looked at the scale the other day, and it told me I've lost 8lbs. Yay me! Right?

I got a text from a dear friend today proposing a chat, but she was on her way to the gym so it would have to wait until later. The gym? I wish I had the time to go to the gym. Obviously, it's not exercise that gave me results this month.
I can't take much credit for my success, but I'll take the success. The last month has been a whirlwind of running from this to that and here and there, as usual. More than usual, even.

An example of last week will give you a good idea of why I might forget to eat:

5:30 coffee, work on Christmas gifts
6 lesson plan
7-8:30 - teach math and reading
9-5 work, not stopping for lunch.. I had coffee at my desk.
5:30 -make supper, feed kids as I do laundry and shovel a few bites in, more schoolwork with eldest.
7:30 - kids to bed, I clean, laundry, some work I brought home, practice music and go to bed around 11.

5:30-9 prep lessons and do school
9- my sister drops off her kids (1 and 3 year old girls). I babysit while making a chicken dinner for guests to come soon, helping one kid with math, cleaning. Sister picks up kids right before lunch.
12 - guests show up. A girlfriend is getting married so I host her hair and makeup prep and program assembly. I eat lovely chicken, orzo salad and greek salad, but am busy enough helping kids cut food, and making sure guests are served, that I don't finish my plate.
5pm - they leave, and I work on an easy and light supper. Steal a few bites while working on some things I brought home from work. Bed by 11:30.

Home schooling until 8:30
9 - haircut
10 - dr appt
11:30 - lunch with a friend. I order a salad and sandwich but am really not hungry so I eat a few bites of the salad and half the sandwich. Then I run a few errands, grab myself a large fat-free latte.
3- home, unpack purchases, start supper, grab music, water bottle and get kids set up with sitter.
3:45 - leave for Edmonton for choir. 5 hours of driving and 3 hours of practise. Fill up with gas, get another coffee....
11:30 home, then work on Christmas gifts.
1:30 bed

Despite the fact that now I have a really sore throat, I'm up only a little behind schedule.
6:30 lesson plan
7:30-1 school - I do eat something, and I'm also baking pecan and pumpkin pies while schooling.
1:30 we leave for town for piano lessons, bottle depot, groceries, library, pickup J from the mechanic where he's leaving his truck.
3:30 scurry home from town and unpack groceries. J will take care of supper.
3:45 leave for Edmonton for choir dress rehearsal.
12 home, work on some Thanksgiving stuff (my husband is American, have I mentioned how cool it is to have 2 Thanksgivings?), clean.
2am - bed

7 get up. I slept in! J is already up getting the turkeys ready to go on the BBQ. I'm up, drink coffee, make stuffing and the filling for the double stuffed baked potatoes, clean, set the table, and get prepped!
4 people arrive
6:30 we feast on smoke-grilled turkey, italian sausage stuffing, double stuffed baked taters, salad, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes with brown sugar and pecans on top, awesome giblet gravy... Mmmmmm. I manage one helping and am stuffed.
10 - people have pie - pumpkin and pecan pie, and pumpkin cheesecake. I have the tiniest sliver of each, and can't finish.
12 - done cleaning up... Bed time.

I'm sick with a really bad throat, earache and rotten head. Hmm. Could it be lack of nutrition and lack of sleep? Likely. 
8 - get up, pack, clean, do a makeup math lesson with the eldest and a language lesson with the 2nd..
12 - eat awesome leftovers.
1 - leave to copy some last minute music for the concert, drop the baby off and get her settled with sitters (in a town 30 mins away), and drive to the city.
4:30 - get settled in our hotel. I order room service, but it hasn't arrived by the time I have to run out the door for my concert.  I eat a mandarin as I walk to the church for my call time.
5:30- warm up (I love making music!!)
7:30 sing! My voice is trying to give out on me, but I will give all I've got anyway. I don't need a voice for a while after tonight, anyway. 
9:30 go to reception, have a cup of cider and chat with guests.
10:30 back in hotel suite, I order room service and devour a blue cheese bison burger and fries. Feel a bit sick from eating too much, too fast! Wine to celebrate the concert.
12am Theraflu and bed

7 - up with kids and J, we order room service and enjoy a wonderful breakfast. I have eggs benedict. Mmm. Eat it ALL. AND two bites of the kids chocolate chip pancakes. J asks me if I should be eating the pancakes. I do anyway, and feel grumpy that he would ask. Then again, I've asked him to keep me accountable. What do I want, exactly?? 
8:30 - packed up, hit the road.
11 - church in the town where the baby was being cared for. We meet the sitters there and snuggle our baby girl. :) She's so happy to see us, but has missed her morning nap and is cranky about halfway through. I walk with her at the back of the church.
12:30 - head home
1-3 - I "nap" hardcore.
5 - we have leftover turkey and such, I work on some housework and xmas stuff.
9 - a girlfriend comes to visit and say goodbye before heading back overseas to Scotland... We have tea and wedding cake left from her sister's wedding, and visit until after 10.
11 - I've tidied up and washed my face and I'm going to bed... gotta start a new week tomorrow...

Ok, so that was a week in the life. I didn't eat much. However, I often don't eat much. Really, it doesn't help the waistline. I know it is because of starvation mode slowing my metabolism, etc.... I guess if I have managed to drop 8 lbs this month, it is finally working. 

I will learn to say no more. To everything.
If I could squeeze some exercise time into that schedule of mine, that would be good.


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