Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Giver-Upper Returns, and CHOOSES.

I will say, for starters, that I never quite give up.

Really, I never do.

My weight might stay the same ugly truth for a year, but tumbling around in my mind, always, is the stark reality that I must act.

I must do something about it.

At a meeting a week ago, one of our consultants shared about the difference in our level of empowerment and success, when we choose.

For example, when I "have to do something" about my weight, or about anything else, my attitude is that of being trapped by circumstance. Of being forced into something against my will. When I take that attitude, am I not backing myself into a corner? Am I not waging war with myself? After all, who wants to be forced into anything? We are creatures of free will. We are not made to be forced into anything.

When we choose to do something, we engage our will. We actively take that nature of free will, and we harness to it, using it to go where we want to go, to do what we want to do. We are in control, and we are desirous of an outcome, not trapped. We are free.

I liked what he said so much, that I took notes. I asked for an article for the magazine I edit. I ruminated on the concept day and night.

And then I chose.

I have been in the position of "have to" for so long that I have been dragging my own feet, warring with myself, fighting against fighting the battle of the bulge. I've been sabotaging my best efforts, because those efforts were born out of the wrong attitude.

Here I am, at 4:30 in the morning, with these thoughts spinning around in my mind.

And I just wanted to let you know that I choose to do something about my weight, about my attitude toward my weight, and about my attitude toward myself. I choose to be healthy. I choose to make daily choices that benefit my well being.

All because of a simple word.

Today, when you feel like saying "I have to", don't. Decide what you want, and then choose.

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