Friday, April 1, 2011

Found the Dang Wagon

This should read: "DON'T STOP!"
Week 12 Weigh In
216.2 lbs
+ 9.6 lbs
Total this run: 7.6 lbs
Total from top: 30.8 lbs

To go: 81.2 lbs
(That's depressing.)

Well, I found the dang wagon. It was stuck in that rut back there.

After some decisive digging, we are back on track.

Last week, I determined to text my girlfriend before every bite I put in my mouth, or at least directly afterwards. And so I did.

One thing about me - when I determine to do something, I most always DO.

Last week's weight was 218.4, so this week, at least I know I lost a couple of pounds (2.2!) fair and square.

I KNOW that when I lose a lot quickly, it is usually water weight or muscle loss or an empty gut, rather than actual fat loss. The numbers were exciting before, but this is really more realistic. While that loss didn't regain instantly, it was a month solid of gaining no matter what I did. Truth be told, I didn't do as much as I should have. My eating was pretty much on track, but I wasn't exercising.

I ran the other night, outside, in the dark, down the country road. I took the dog. It was liberating. Kinda scary not seeing where I was putting my feet, but I run on the treadmill with my eyes closed, so I told myself that this wasn't too different. Liberating.

I wish I could get out and do that every day, actually.It felt so good. But with J not getting home until 6:30, and then supper, bedtime routine and housework, it just doesn't happen. And I am not rested enough to even consider getting up at 4:30 to run before J leaves for work.

I think this morning I'm going to bundle up the gang and bring them outside. I'll run up and down the driveway while they play in the snow.

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