Monday, February 21, 2011

This is a tiresome pattern.

It seems I can do really well, and go hard for a few weeks, and then life gets in the way.

Or, rather, I get in my way.

My last two weeks were a gain and then a plateau. I haven't bothered to come here and write about it, but I should.

I ate leftovers, I ate chocolate, I skipped breakfasts and lunches and ate way too much for supper. I know, as well as anyone, that depriving yourself does not help you be healthy. And most of the time, it doesn't help you lose weight, in the long run.

I think I need to try something different. I like food too much to give up foods, or to try a diet like Slim Fast or Atkins or South Beach or Jenny Craig. I don't want to make it that predictable, painful experience that usually ends with people losing a lot... And then gaining it all back. I should know. I've done quite a few fad diets.

A balanced and enjoyable diet, and lots of fun exercise, is what works. And it is what I need.

I haven't been exercising since I blew out my left knee and stepped on broken ceramic with my right. I could still do crunches, though. What I need to focus on is what I CAN do, not what I can't.

Right now I CAN cut sweets out. I CAN eat more fruits and vegetables. I CAN do crunches. And I CAN cut out unnecessary extras for a while. If I can't get my cardio, I shouldn't be drinking alcohol or eating empty carbs.

I'll be back with the bad news on Wednesday.

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