Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That's what I get for not trying.

Here we are, a new year. My baby is 5 weeks old, and I am ready to start focusing on my health again.

Stepping on the scale this morning was ugly.

I have regained much of what I lost since having the baby. Disgusting.

I really enjoyed my Christmas, though. I drank a lot of egg nog, I ate Christmas cookies like they were going out of style. I had seconds when I felt like it. I nibbled on appetizers and savoured desserts.

I don't feel that guilty, actually. I had a good time that was enhanced by good food.

I obviously need to work on moderation, because christmas shouldn't be about gaining weight!

So, for accountability's sake, today is my 'start' date.

My weigh in was 223.8 lbs. Please don't judge me.

And now that I've confessed that, I will have to restrain myself when I bake banana muffins today.

Happy New Year! Here's to the joy we find in newness. This year, maybe I can be 'new', too.

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