Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A losing streak

Week 3 Weigh In
212 lbs
-2.8 lbs
Total this run: 11.8 lbs
Total from top: 35 lbs

To go: 77 lbs

I'm surprised.

This was a really hard week. Unfortunately, it wasn't hard because I stuck stringently to a meal plan. It wasn't hard because I exercised faithfully, pushing myself to that elusive "next level".

No, it was just a hard week emotionally. I got no exercise, I did not stay careful about what I ate, and I even caught myself putting things in my mouth when I wasn't hungry. Things like chocolate covered almonds, bites of kids' leftover stroganoff, and whatever else was lying around.

I didn't expect any success in the weight loss department this week.

I will celebrate a loss of 2.8! That's huge! And it indicates to me that I just might be learning how to respond when I'm around food. I'm a long way from fixed, but I am not stuffing my face to deaden my emotions, like I once did.

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