Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Dream of Gina

My beautiful girl!

We welcomed Gina Rose on November 29th at 9:30pm - after only an hour and a half of hard labour. I'm glad I was already in the city for my doctor appointment! He checked me and said, "Don't go home - this baby is coming tonight!" So we went out to eat, went shopping, I had a nap in the van... all with contractions building, but nothing I would have gone in for in the previous weeks.

We even sat in the hospital parking lot for half an hour and prayed together. It calmed me down and focussed my energy like nothing else. And then we decided to go inside, at about quarter after 7. Contractions were uncomfortable, but I think I would have just passed them off as more false labour, if I wasn't in the know.

A totally natural labour and delivery made me feel really good. I snapped back right away, hopping out of bed to take her for her first bath shortly afterwards.

I feel like I've been reborn. I am loving this little bundle so, so much.

And that intense focus that I felt is something that has stuck. I felt every bit of the pain, but it was empowering! I was bringing life into the world. I was working with my body to do what it does naturally. And I had a minit thrill at the fact that I can harness my body to do what I want it to. I can push through pain. I can focus and thrive.

The journey to fitness, that long road, fraught with laziness and fear of failure? I can conquer that, too.

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