Saturday, July 10, 2010

Inspired by Doing.

Too Many Cooks by Emily Franklin - I read this book and just loved it!

She is a mom of four kids, one who doesn't want to lead her kids down the path of just eating off the "kids" menu in restaraunts. The picky, unimaginative kind of eaters. So she cooks! She involves the kids. She dialogues with them and gets them excited.

I have found myself not only really relating to this book, but looking for new ways to happily introduce all manners of healthy food into the life of my family.

The best part of Emily's book? The end of every chapter includes the recipes for whatever she made and mentioned in that chapter. So if you want to TRY her roasted broccoli, you CAN.

I had to lend the book to a friend, but as soon as I get it back, I'm going to be post-it-noting and highlighting and taste testing and trying all kinds of new recipes! They're pretty much all family-friendly (as in, don't take ALL DAY to cook!), and healthy. Whole wheat flour and minimal sugar in her baking, good cheese, good olive oil, and lots of veggies in the cooking.

My kids definitely are more willing to try new things if they get to be a part of the process of procuring it, growing it, buying it, or preparing it. Or some combination of the above. For instance, Bean decided that we should buy a turnip, when we were in the grocery store one day. Had he tried turnip before? No. Is he an adventuresome eater? Absolutely not. But he thought that turnip looked cool.

We bought it (a HUGE one, I might add). He helped me peel it, and he also peeled some carrots for me. Then I cut it up, cut up carrots, and boiled it until tender. We mashed it all together with some butter and salt and pepper.

Now, normally? A pale orange mystery veg on the table would be suspect. To Bean. And by default, to the other two, who follow what their big brother says and does like monks read the saints.

So, when Bean dolloped a big pile of the glop onto his plate, and proceeded to not only taste it, but devour it? I got myself a house full of mashed-turnip-and-carrot-eating-children. I watched Bean's face as he took that first bite. I can tell you right now, that if he had not been involved in every step of the process of getting it onto that plate, he would not have liked it. He would have turned up his nose, turned on that gag reflex, and that would be that. But as it went, we've bought several since, on his suggestion.

I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out in the Case Of The Turnip, and plan to get my kids more involved in the goings on of my little kitchen.

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