Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Healthy Focus

Well, the time has come to come clean, go public, tell all. Time to reveal the real reason for my lackluster hiatus from blogging.

I am pregnant!

That's right, Baby Number 4 is on the way. I'm almost half way there.

I've decided that pregnancy is a good time for me to focus on being healthy, instead of trying to lose weight.

Sometimes, there's a difference between the two, for me. When my focus is all wrapped up in weight loss, it's easy to cut corners, to overdo or underdo one food category for the sake of the scale. I find myself eating minimally sometimes, instead of just eating right.

So, until November or December, when the rocking ride with WW resumes, I am just doing my best to eat all my fruits and veggies, stay away from refined sugars and empty carbs, and fill my body with healthy, clean things.  After all, I'm not just doing it for me. I am eating for two. Of course, that just means I'm focusing on the health of more than one... not that I'm eating double the quantity. 

My weight jumped up in the first trimester by 15lbs, and I was shocked. I had such awful morning sickness, I was basically just eating saltines. Between the sodium-induced water retention and the fact that I was in starvation mode, my body did what it does so well; clung to every calorie and every pound it could.

Then, last month, once I was eating normally again, I dropped weight without really noticing. After a month of growing out of my clothes, I was still 3 lbs lighter than I was the month before.

I'm not stepping on the scale, now. It will do what it will; I know that from past experience. I will just do my best to eat and drink the things that will grow the healthiest baby. The rest will fall into place as it will.


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Thanks, friend! I miss you. =)

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