Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chicken Butchering Day

When life is busy, what better thing than to add to it?

Yes, this time I've generously offered to help my family butcher chickens at the farm. No, I won't be going home with any chicken... it's just to help out.

For the past couple of years, my brand of help has included a small baby, so I just go to the farm and cook supper for all of the chicken-killers; usually the whole family and several friends (and farm hands). Two years ago, I made chicken fajitas, only to realize that people who had just killed chickens didn't really feel like eating chicken. Personally, I feel a great sense of accomplishment at gathering my own food, be it beast or fowl or garden, and love to eat what I gather the same day. Not so for many others. Shrug.

This year, I thought, well, my boys will help (at almost 7 and 5, they are chicken-catchers this year), and my daughter will come to the office with me for a while... and then hey, why don't I go back to the farm and help gut, since my other sister is already babysitting the babies today?

And now I tip my head to the side and wonder why I do this?

The last few weeks have been positively insane. Actually, longer, but just in the last two weeks I've camped for 7 days total in my new camper - once without a husband but with my 3 children - and I've had major work deadlines that have had me working long hours. I've managed to keep my head on my shoulders, and lose 3 lbs without thinking about it.

I guess I'm just being carried along in the current right now, but at least I'm not drowning. And I do like to go back to my roots and help with farm work when I can.

Alright, I'm off to help butcher until supper prep time. Oh, and this time? I'm making salmon.

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