Friday, April 9, 2010

Has it been almost a month?

Yes, it has. I'm sorry!

I do have an arms-length-list of excuses, but I won't start them right now. =)

With the busy-ness of my month, I had barely a minute to focus on my health, let alone my blog, message boards, or any online pursuits. Just crazy!

Work right now has me editing a community cookbook, and staring at recipes for 14 hours a day has got me HUNGRY ALL THE TIME.

I haven't counted a bite I've eaten, but I have done my darndest to stick to lean protiens, lots of fruits and veggies, and healthy, complex carbs. I just couldn't do the carb free thing. More on that another time.

We've had some changes around home in the past month! We bought a fifth-wheel trailer to accomodate our busy camping-planned summer, and we have been looking for a reliable au pair, too (and found a lovely German girl who would like to come visit us in July). I've been looking for ways to lighten my load whigh still fulfilling all of my responsibilities.

And what better time than a busy, full time, than to add another responsibility?

J and I have been talking about getting a dog for a long time, but the right one hasn't crossed our path. When J came home about a month ago telling me about the puppies a co worker's dog had, we both kind of melted. It's time. I searched kijiji and other websites, looking for a reliable dog that would be a good fit for our family. Enter Daisy - a lovely one year old lab/boxer cross, whose owner couldn't devote enough time to her, having to work two jobs. Daisy needed to be out in the country with a loving family, she said. Pick us, we said!

Daisy came to us on a trial run almost a month ago, and I supervised play time with the kids and spent a lot of time getting to know her. We have found a true gem! She is exuberant while a bit shy, friendly but not pushy. She hasn't knocked over any of my kids, though she has zoomed around us on a family walk.

We're happy to have her, and I think she is happy to have us. She is going to be mostly an outside dog, and she snuggles with our cats (miracle of miracles, as they've never met a dog), and explores all the sights and sounds of country life.

Forgive the poor quality photos - some are with my cell phone, and the others? Well, she doesn't like to sit and pose!!

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redeemed diva said...

Wow! A dog for the family! I like how you said that you needed to lighten the load by getting a new responsibility. That's how it goes, eh? I have missed your blog.
I hope you aren't cross-eyed from editing!

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