Monday, March 1, 2010


At 380 calories (and 18 g of fat!!), the Filet-o-Fish at Micky D's is actually one of the healthier sandwiches on the menu. Believe it.

However, unless they are going to make it for you right there, and make you wait in the drive through line, I wouldn't eat it. Not anymore, anyhow.

Friday night, I grabbed a said sandwich on my way home from the city. The service was so fast, I did wonder how long my sanny waited for me under a warming light.

Apparently, long enough. 24 hours later, I was retching into my friend's toilet. After spending a night sick and a day in bed, I vow to wait for them to actually COOK my food for me. If and when I go back.

As I munched on my small order of fries (230 calories and 11 more grams of fat) and noted the delicate balance of salt, sugar and fat, I was reminded of the alleged sinister side of the fast food monster. Of course, loving a good conspiracy theory, the thought that a world-dominating company is really trying to make us all into serious addict appeals to me.

Some other sick part of me really enjoyed watching a healthy man ruin his organs on the documentary Super Size Me.

I can't blame them for my problems, but I am reminded to steer clear of iffy, fat-laden food that is mass made and doled out by the dozens. I think a resurgence of "slow food" is what the world needs, anyway.

I will happily go back to my clean eating. Especially now that my system has completely re-set itself after my Friday night food mistake.

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