Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fat Food, continued.

Oh, this is rich.

Days after I post the ick of fast food, and talk about Filet o Fish being one of the lesser of all evils on the McD's menu, the "fat food" giant has taken an official step toward appearing "healthier".

In New Zealand, McDonald's has made a deal with Weight Watchers to post Points information on three of their meal options. The meals add up to no more than 6.5 points each. Filet-O-Fish, Chicken McNuggets and the Sweet Chilli Seared Chicken Wrap are what's on the menu.

Some people say it's a good move, and that Weight Watchers is just concerned about the health of the population, and want to help. Nutritionists are in a tizzy, believing the endorsement to be a bad move that will draw more customers to a black hole of good intentions, but the possibility of supersized meals and lots of fat. Others dispute that it was simply a money making scheme on both fronts. I tend to agree with the latter.

Then again, I have mentioned that I often side with the conspiracy theory. Read more about it here.

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