Monday, February 15, 2010

What a week of eating!

I have really enjoyed my week, but I'm feeling full and bloaty - it's time to get back on the wagon!
Last Sunday brought our annual Superbowl party, which is the envy of Martha Stewart wannabees world-wide, and my time to shine. Of course, I scrap the idea of offering "healthy" appetizers... I bring out the GOOD food, and make good choices for myself.

Actually, during Superbowl, I'm usually too busy to eat, anyway. I run up and down stairs and make sure people have a plate and a drink and are happy. I visit, I smile and laugh and talk and serve. And I love every minute.

This year, I had to be more organized than ever before, simply because we would be gone in the week leading up to the party, and I'd only have a day to prepare. I usually find myself cooking for a good week before the big day, so this was to be no small feat. Of course, I had the help of friends and family who came and secretly cleaned my house while we were away, so when I got home, I was flying high. All I had to do was cook!

I didn't eat much on the actual day, but I have to confess... I ate leftovers all week.

With Valentine's Day (which is my brother's birthday), and the chocolate and chocolate cake, and incredible chocolate ganache tart that my sister-in-law served, I am flat stuffed.

Full. Finito.

I'm actually kind of glad that Lent starts this week. Like New Year's Day, it's a time for me to evaluate my life and decide on changes I can make that will help me to be all I can be. More on that to come.

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