Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Virtual Packing

Actually, I'm not virtually packing. I AM packing.

But I have a friend virtually packing with me. As in, she's in her house, 392kms away, and I am in my bedroom, trying to pick a bathing suit. And believe me, she is really helping.

One issue with going on a trip like this one is the notion of swimming.

I love swimming, but there is a problem with it.

One must wear a swimming contraption. One of those wicked, heartless, debasing uniforms that brings most women to an equal playing field. I don't know any woman who enjoys swimsuit shopping. Not even my thinasarail family members. (Of course, they look hawt in anything they try, so I don't feel that sorry for them.)

I have a suit from last year - a brown and rainbow tankini with boyshort bottoms and a halter style top, which I think is basically flattering. I have a few others in my dresser that I need to dig for. My handkerchief style maternity tankini is probably my most comfy, but that's because when I'm NOT pregnant, it's loose and flowy, and doesn't cling to every roll. But I should attempt to buy a suit for my trip, I thought, so I looked.

I didn't really find a swimsuit, in all my shopping attempts this past few weeks. Either they were too expensive, too small, or just laughed at me from the racks, mocking me for even trying. Did you know that one store ONLY had size small? Oh, and Extra Small. Uh huh. That's it. Which tells me one thing. "You are much to large to be wearing me. Or any swimsuit, for that matter."


So I shopped, I tried things on, I grumbled and growled and gave up. I tried again, gave up again, then just went to Walmart, hoping I could avoid the old-lady prints.

Lo and behold, there was one top there, which might go nicely with the boy-short bottoms I had from last year.

One issue. It was a bikini top.

Now, I have never, ever worn a bikini. Just... no. No. Just couldn't do it. There may be no difference between a sturdy halter bikini top and a plunging, hi-cut one piece as far as modesty goes, but that was beside the point. I'm to fat for a bikini!

Well, I took my friend with me, and with the aid of Blackberry Messenger, I showed her a pic of it from the changeroom. And she declared it a winner. I bought it, figuring it would fit with other pieces of my swimming wardrobe, and that I might just leave it home anyway... but for $10 fine. I bought it and went home.

Today, I have a mound of swimming paraphernalia on my bed, and it's time to bite the bullet and decide what to pack. I have a blue tankini from a few years ago, which I remember as being too small. I have that brown boyshort tankini, and the maternity one, and a hand-me-down top that I've never worn. It's a medium, and I'm, well, not. And now that extra bit of material I picked up in WM. I tried on the first one, snapped a picture with my phone, and texted it to my lovely friend (who has won a huge weight-loss battle herself, and who knows about clothes).

She texted back her comments, and I tried on the next one. And the next.

I've watched What Not to Wear enough times to actually agree with her - my boy shorts might make me feel like less flab was hanging out, but they actually drew attention to my hips. The blue tankini fit beautifully, with smooth lines and a good cut. Apparently I'm smaller than I was when I last wore it. The maternity suit was the right cut and fit to suggest that it was supposed to look flowy and cute, and the hand-me-down was the wrong look with the scoop neck, even though it actually wasn't too small anymore.

And the bikini top? Well, with the black panty bottoms from maternity suit, the brown halter top made my shoulders look great, and nipped in with a style that gave me a decent hourglass figure. It has a good deal of coverage where it counts, and my sari wrap will take care of the rest.

All packed and ready to go, and I'm feeling... virtually weightless.

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