Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Salad Sidetrack

J and I were talking last week, and came to a couple of conclusions.
  1. we aren't eating enough veggies
  2. we do not need to gain weight this Christmas
  3. we are getting decidedly un-creative in our meals
  4. we are totally slacking where menu-planning is concerned
  5. we are going on a trip in January and want to look our very best!
Those five conclusions gave us a very good idea.

Let's challenge ourselves to skipping the Christmas baking until Christmas, at which time we give ourselves permission to enjoy it.

Let's share the experience by doing "crunch-offs" every day, and by eating the same things - none of this mayo for you, but none for me business.

Let's get a powerload of greens in every day, dosing ourselves with as much healthy, natural food as we can, instead of letting the sugar of the season bog us down.

So we began a salad challenge.

Dinner each night is a salad. Lunch can be soup or salad, and breakfast something healthy and high-powered, but low carb. J gets more carbs than me, just because he works out in the cold and needs the fuel. I get to eat my lean protiens.

Here was salad # 1!

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