Monday, November 30, 2009

Some Thankfulness of an Enthusiastic Nature

Here's a note from the hostess with the mostest, me:

Yesterday was the day that we celebrated American Thanksgiving. Being married to a wonderful dandy of the Yankee variety, I get to celebrate two thanksgivings every year. Twice the turkey, twice the family, and twice the chance to reflect on thanks.

I am thankful. I'm thankful for my beautiful, healthy children, for a job that allows me to work my own hours (many from the comfort of my own home), and for the peace of living in the country, close to my roots. Heck, I live ON my roots, actually. Our 30 acres is a bite out of the 5 generation family farm. I could barely be closer to where it all began, over 100 years ago.

Can I say, too, that I am thankful for FOOD! I am thankful for flavour! For the delicate nature of a chocolate-coffee chiffon pie that melts on your tongue and fills your head with the high that comes from the hours of sacrificed time of your meticulous sister-in-law! For the smoky tenderness of the plank-smoked turkey - stuffed with juicy mandarins, sweet onions and bold garlic - that your husband nurtured outside at the grill for 7 hours! For home-made-from-scratch cranberry sauce, with a dash of good balsamic vinegar. For gingerbread cookies, childishly decorated For the house, clean and decorated with classic jewel tones, showing the love and time given by members of the family.

Food reminds me of love. Of sacrifice. The time and dedication spend on such a gorgeous meal is a firm reminder of the truth that love is demonstrated most firmly by sacrifice.

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