Friday, October 23, 2009

Slow and Steady

I lost 1.4lbs last week.

I am a bit disappointed, but then again, I'm trying to reframe that. Seriously - why do I want "all or nothing" so badly? Why am I never happy unless I'm perfect?

Maybe that is the real question. I'm not going to go there right now, but I'll have to think about it further.

For the next few days, I'm going to keep my meals really light. I'd like to fit into my next-size-down pair of jeans before I go to BC to watch U2 perform next week.

I am almost there!

I picked up something new (or new to me, at least!) at the store yesterday. Activia yogurt with fibre. I tried one and really thought it was tasty, and that will be a quick snack to fill me up and tide me over when I'm feeling peckish.

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redeemed diva said...

Sounds like a yummy snack.
I'm looking forward to your post on thoughts about perfection--I think it's something we all struggle with. The line between perfection and control vs. excellence and obedience is sometimes blurry...only a pray away though. Yeah, now I'm thinking deep thoughts.
Keep going! What are you doing for exercise? JI'm a Pilates fan

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