Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grab it and Go!

I rocked today.

Totally, 100% made myself feel fabulous!

After my last post, I knew I needed to get down to brass tacks and really take myself to task for my own habits. It was beyond time to become responsible. I've been trying to get to the bottom of my self-depreciating way of treating food for a long time.

The other day, I decided that while it would be good to find out some of the psychology behind my journey with weight and food, I don't need to wait to figure it out before I DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

This morning, as in many mornings before, my alarm went off. This morning, I didn't change the wake time and go back to bed, giving up once again on my workout. This morning, I got up. I stood at the side of the bed until I knew I was awake enough to take the next step. J asked me, "Where are you going?"

My answer was simple, yet oh, so hard:


When I posted about my desire to run, that was as far as it went. I have maintained my excellent intentions, making plans to run, dreaming about how it would feel to master my own body, even buying myself some snazzy new running shoes.

An aside: The shoes are a work of art. I have owned Nike cross trainers in the past, and they were fine. I have never before owned running shoes, ie, shoes specifically created for the act of running.

My new shoes have adjustable arch support for my flat feet, which was necessary. The colour isn't the most thrilling (I preferred the lime green, honestly), but that doesn't bother me. The thing I fell in love with in the store last week was the amazing cushioning at the balls of my feet! When you come down and roll forward, it feels like you're rolling onto foam. It's a wonderful thing. These shoes make me feel like I could run, if I just slipped them on!

The marvels of marketing. I actually have to put them on and take that first step. That's what I've been moving toward since this running urge came upon me. Far be it from me to go into this too quickly. =)

Actually, the whole procrastination of this made me pause and wonder if I scared myself off. Would it have been enough to get up the courage to start exercising every day, like I used to? Couldn't I have said I'd strength train three days a week, which is within the realm of possibility? Maybe saying, "I'm going to run" was another classic case of me biting off just more than I can chew, as much as I'd like to gobble up the whole thing.

I was very proud of my first run. I pumped up the tunes with my song list from Women's Health, and plugged the space-age receiver device into my iPod. the transmitter is a sweet little oval disc that sits in the sole of my shoe, telling my iPod how fast and how far and all the juicy details of my run. That Nike + iPod thing is what made me lean toward Nike for my new shoes, honestly. My Asics are very good shoes. Switching brands wasn't the first thing I wanted to do.

The stats for my first run showed that I jogged for 30 minutes 57 seconds, I burned over 200 calories, and I averaged a speed of 16.37 miles per hour, and ran 1.85 miles. I love being able to effortlessly track my workout, and be encouraged to push through by listening to just-the-right-mix of music.

I know it's not a 5 minute mile or anything, but I feel like I've accomplished something huge.

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