Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Clean Start

And with a whoosh, we start again!

I just completed a two day liver and gallbladder cleanse, and boy oh boy, did that ever do wonders! I woke up this morning with energy, and I can't remember the last time that happened.

I won't go into the gory details of exactly what came out of me, but let me say it was downright nasty. I haven't experienced that kind of nastiness in that way before.

I'm taking it easy on my stomach for a few weeks, sticking with whole foods, and basically a vegan diet. I am not drinking coffee or tea or alcohol, nor am I consuming dairy or eggs, or soy (which I am mildly allergic to). I'm also going gluten free for a while.

My thought is that if I give my body easy to digest foods for a time, it will get back to being a fuel-efficient machine. It will re-learn how to give me the best nutrient value out of the foods I eat, and it will discard what I don't need - not save it for later.

This morning I walked down to my garden to water the chickens, and I came home with a big handful of fresh spinach. I dumped it into a blender with a mango, a banana, and some frozen mixed field berries, gave it a spin, and here I sit with my breakfast. It tastes beautiful! I know my body will thank me for the spinach (which I can't even taste). I won't drink it all now - there is way too much in that blender for one meal. I'll save it for later. =)

My beautiful breakfast ------->

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