Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A bit of Inspiration

A friend shared this with me:

"This is my "mom body" not my real one. My real one is hidden under large, stretchy, itchy clothes that are meant to camoflauge my "muffin top". My real one is screaming to get out, but I am busy eating my kids' left over lunch so I can't hear it. My real one is skinny, hot, and dying to be discovered under this imposter body. I still look for clothes for my real body, but my "mom body" won't fit in to them. My "mom body" is the one I catch in the mirror and am startled as if I just saw a stranger in my bathroom! I still feel like the old me, but I certainly don't look like her! Be gone "mom body". I need my real body to come out!"

Just wanted to share!

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