Friday, June 5, 2009


Work = Results.

I think I get it!

So in a week, I`m down 4lbs. This is me counting everything I eat, working out hard, and NOT CHEATING.

I`m so not cheating that if I make a recipe, I`m not guesstimating the points values. I`m entering into the Weight Watchers Recipe Builder, and figuring out portion sizes.

I`m measuring everything.

I will not cheat!

Some of the lovely girls on the WW forum have started a challenge, whereby you `earn` yourself 20 points for completing self-set objectives. You lose points when you fail. Here`s the good part: when you get to 20, you get a prize! The prize is also self-set, and some are treating themselves to pedicures or buying purses or shoes.

You`d think I`d `earn` myself some new kicks, but no. I am putting money in the `me` jar. We`re re-setting our counters when we hit 20, which is reward time. So whenever I want to spend it, I will. I`m giving myself $20 for every 20 points I`ve earned. Then I have to spend it ONLY on me. I can`t wait!

Here are my personal stipulations:
*1 hour walking, gardenning, or other moderately tough yard stuff
*1/2 hour jogging or high intensity workout
*salad meal (with 2p protein)
*a day OP (on-point) that includes at least 2 activity points earned

*fast food, including convenience store food
*going over my points in a day
*eating peanut butter
*not counting what I shove down the gullet.

I`m already at +6, thanks to two days of eating completely on point, eating salad, and for getting some good exercise. I`m excited!

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