Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Morning eating, or Evening eating?

I need to figure out what gives me better success.

Do I:
  1. Eat most of my points in the morning, giving myself a solid breakfast and helping me stay full through the day?
  2. Eat lightly through the day, saving my points for a more enjoyable family dinner, giving me the freedom to cook the way I always do for my family, and eat what they do?
  3. Spread my points throughout the day, hopefully keeping myself at a comfortable level of full?
I think the issue for me is that I don't eat when I'm hungry. I don't stop when I'm full.

I just eat when there's good food in front of me.

I know I need to control my portions, but it's easy for me to have coffee half the day and then have a big plate of spagetti and meat sauce for supper. The question really is, Is this healthy? Could I, potentially, speed up my metabolism more by actually following option 1 above?

Perhaps I'll commit to trying this for this week. I'll have a full breakfast, and see where the rest of the day leads.

I have company coming for the weekend, so I'm sure going to have to contend with "guest meals", where I go all-out and prep appetizers and desserts. Tough for me to not overindulge.

I've done well counting everything for the last week (with a few minor exceptions), so I think I'm ready to start delving deeper into the intricacies of meal timing and how that affects me.

Oh, and I really need to start listening to hunger cues. Which I've never been good at.

Wish me luck!

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