Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nobody LOSES Weight Over Christmas

In your face, common misconception!

Look here! Look at me! Yes, me, the hot girl standing proud in her new pair of pants. Me, the girl who made healthy choices for the past two weeks.

ME, the girl who lost 7 POUNDS over the Christmas rush!

Count em! 7lbs!

That's 7 bricks of butter. Most of a sack of sugar. 21 quarter pound hamburgers. A large lake trout. A puppy. A newborn baby.

Yeah baby. It's gone for good.

The best part? AT 187lbs, people are starting to notice a change. I'm down almost 60 from my top weight, but now my curves are starting to show. In a nice way. Now people take a look and think flattering thoughts. Now I look in the mirror and feel a bit more positive about what I see.

Let's keep the ball rolling! No more leftover Christmas cookies for breakfast, girl.


Krista said...


You are my Christmas hero!!

You rock!

TobyLauren said...

Thanks, Krista - I'm pretty happy about it, myself!

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