Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pushing Forward - Can Inertia Count as Strength Training?

I find that it takes sooo long to get myself going again when I've had a falling-off-the-wagon week.

I just want to eat everything in sight today!

I haven't.


But we're having ribs for supper, sooo... who's to say what will happen later?

Ok, no. I'll be good. Really. I actually COUNTED what I ate today, so that's better than I've been since last Friday. It's a start. Eesh.

I figured that there's no motivation like seeing how far I've come (and staring at a gosh-awful photo of myself now - haha). With that in mind, I've dug around in the archives to find photos of myself.

Fatter ones.

I even emailed my sister and told her I needed the fattest picture of me that she could find. Her reply was, "Ooohhhhkayyyyy.....?" I laughed. This is me the week at my son's baptism. My heaviest. Pushing 250lbs. Oy.

These are the photos that I wanted to shred at the time. I'm glad I kept them!

Up until now, I've just felt fat. Constantly. For the past 5 years - or more. Ok, more. I can't remember NOT feeling fat, although I know that the way I looked as a teenager was decidedly not fat. I just thought it was. Anyway, since my top weight of 247, I have felt really fat.

I've lost 50 lbs, but I still feel just as fat. Maybe it's because I was down to 175 before getting pregnant. I don't know. I do know I've hesitated with any kind of photos, because I didn't think anyone could really tell that I've lost anything. Fat is fat is fat, right?

Well, maybe not. When I put the pictures side by side, wow. You can actually see progress! That makes me happy.

Thought I'd share my findings.

Left, me 20lbs heavier. Right, me now. =)

And this photo, on the left, is me, hot, sweaty and stinky after a workout. Hair isn't done, no makeup, and it's just shy of 7 in the morning.

But I feel like I can post it for you to see. Why? Because I look hot? NO. Because it's such a huge contrast from the photos before.

I don't look great, yet. I have a very long way to go.

BUT - I have come a long way.

And that makes me happy.


Mrs. Bucket said...

Good for you! You can really see the changes happening. Keep up the good work!

TobyLauren said...

Little by little, right?

My weight loss journey