Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weigh to go, Girl!

I am really pleased with myself.

This week, I've stayed religiously on point (OP), and I've eaten healthy foods. I've reported in to my accountability partner every day, often twice a day. I've exercised, and I've been drinking enough water.

I am starting to not only feel good emotionally - I am starting to feel good physically.

Today I went to town to get new tires on the van, and I was thinking about MY spare tire, and how I've been working to get rid of it. I am only .2 of a lb from losing FIFTY pounds! That's more than my 5 year old weighs! I've lost my entire 5 year old, and then some!

While I was waiting for the tire change, I went to Ricki's to see what they had in. I was planning to browse, like I usually do, using the pretty clothes as inspiration to fit them. I've lost enough weight that my two pairs of slacks and 2 pairs of jeans don't really fit me anymore. A good feeling. I thought, maybe, I could try some things on. Then I was pointed in the direction of the sale rack. I grabbed a few things that looked decent, in varying sizes, and headed for the change room.

Oh! The change room! That sometimes despicable, sometimes glorious place, where women everywhere face their biggest insecurities!

I was very pleased when the clothes I grabbed (in a size smaller than my guesstimate) FIT me!

I came home with a lovely and flattering pair of tweed-esque slacks, and a cute halter dress that was majorly discounted. And majorly smaller than I thought I would wear. And majorly CUTE.

I looked great! That feeling has been, dear friend, a very long time coming.


Mrs. Bucket said...

That's great, TL! I LOVE the feeling of buying smaller clothes, too! By next week you surely will be at 50 lbs gone!

TobyLauren said...

I think you're right... and I can't wait. =)

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