Friday, September 26, 2008

Strengh in Numbers: The positive power of an audience

I must say, I am impressed. With the scale, more than myself, but with myself, too.

Last week, as I said, I was worried that I totally blew it. I guess the exercise paid off, because the scale told me I was down another pound and a half!

So far since Wednesday, I've been behaving. This weekend will be spent in the city with lots of food opportinity, but I'm planning a stupendous loss for next week, so I think I'll be okay.

It amazes me just how powerful of a motivator it is, having people watching me.

Now that I'm in a choir (, I have another motivator for losing weight. Every Wednesday, I go to the city for rehearsals. My first week there, a girlfriend (someone I knew from outside of choir) commented on my weight loss. We hadn't seen each other since summer, and she positively gushed over my 'fantastic' weight loss! Not only did it feel incredibly good to have someone notice the work I've been doing, but it also gave me an idea.

Wouldn't it be great if people started noticing a subtle change every week? This crowd of people do not see me except for Wednesdays. If I show up to rehearsals looking just a weee bit bettter each week, wouldn't that be the coolest thing?

I've made it my goal to lose at least a pound a week, but really, to do as WELL AS I CAN every possible second. The more substantial a loss, the better. Then I can flounce my little fanny right into rehearsals each week, and know that people are noticing it.

That's me: The Incredible Shrinking Chorister.



Mrs. Bucket said...

You ARE incredible! If only I could follow your lead... (said while drinking a 20 oz Dr. Pepper.)

TobyLauren said...

DIET Dr. Pepper?? =P

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