Sunday, September 14, 2008

Looking for the Positive

I have a cold.

An ugly, painful, nasty, I-hate-the-world headcold.

Yesterday was my sister's farewell party, and I'd woken with a sore throat. Then, during the party I got a horrible headache that became a nauseating migrane. Not fun at all!

My kids are sick, so I knew that this was probably coming. And I was able to look at the positive, too. Because I felt miserable, I wasn't all that attracted to the huge buffet of food that was available.

Today, I still feel crappy, and I'm sorry to say that I self-medicated with pizza and hotwings... and a donut. However, I didn't use my Flex points yesterday, so I've got wiggle room. I'm going to go lie down, and plan a healthy - minamalist - supper for tonight.

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