Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

But I'd rather fly to the finish line.

Why am I so inherently lazy? Why don't I want to work at this, like I know I need to? I guess that comes back to the lazy bit.

I have been making a point of spending time walking around our property with my husband when the kids are in bed, or uber-gardenning so that I'm working up a sweat, or other things like that. No treadmill, no aerobics, nothing like that, but I feel like I'm being moderately active. That's something, at least.

I was down another 3.4lbs last week, which was very exciting. If I could actually force myself to COUNT and track points instead of just guestimating, I know I'd do that well all the time. I was happy with last week, because we were at the lake, eating junk, and though I was trying to behave, I enjoyed myself, too. And I didn't count.

This past week, my dear husband took a vacation and we stayed home. It was wonderful. We usually go somewhere whenever he's off, and it was great to just spend time together in our own home and yard. J built me a clothesline, which I am so happy for. I am enjoying the fresh smell of my laundry and the feel of the sun as I hang or take down the clothes. I am not a big fan of my dryer, at the best of times.

The one iffy area this week was the fact that Jim was cooking. And I mean cooking. The guy is a gourmet chef... even with the blue plate stuff. He did something extravagent every day this week, and I tried to compensate by eating really sparingly the rest of the day. I was really spoiled this week. We had prime rib and grilled vegetables, with tin-foil BBQed potatos with butter and onions. We had huge 1/4lb hamburgers with two grilled cheese sandwiches as buns. And the grilled cheese sandwiches, which were also done on the Q, had 2 slices of bacon, grilled onion, and 2 slices of cheese each. Hello, heart attack! It was soo good. We had ribs one night, with more skewers of veggies, and we went out to a pasta place for dinner on the next night. And then on Saturday we had a 4th of July party (a day late) with 'Burger Dogs" - hot dogs and cheese strings with a hamburger rolled around them. Wow. And cake with ice cream. And then on Sunday we had my family over and J made a beef tenderloin, and I made "Love Potatos", which are the stuff of romance... or a heart attack, whichever comes first. Baby potatos, parboiled and in the bottom of a dish, with sauteed onions and garlic on top of that, and 6 cups of cheese on top of that, and then 4 cups of heavy farm cream and half a dozen eggs beaten into it, poured on top. And baked. Oh. My. Gosh.

I was very apprehensive about my WI this week, and understandibly so! I went to bed last night wondering how it would turn out.

Then this morning I ate a homemade blueberry muffin and a homemade banana muffin, and drank a whole bunch of water, before remembering that this was Wednesday and I needed to step on the scale. I did it anyway, and it showed no change from last week!

I'm pretty confident that I, in fact, lost weight this week. I will WI tomorrow morning with an empty stomach. I'll be happy if it is the same as last week, but even happier if I went down.

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