Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My husband's newfound love.

Yes. It's true. What can I do? I am at my wit's end.

My husband has discovered his true love... for COOKING. ARGH! My control-freak self is crying - gone are the days when I knew exactly what was in my food, and what I was putting in my mouth. Gone are the days I knew that the oil in the stirfy was measured, and the cheese on top was low fat.

He has been BBQing every chance he gets, and it's been BAD food, TERRIBLE food, and oh-so-GOOD food.

Huge, mouthwatering steaks, veggie skewers drenched with dripping garlic butter, heaps of cheesy, buttery potatoes, sticky ribs with homemade sauce, hot dogs and cheese sticks wrapped in 1/4lb of hamburger meat and grilled, huge hamburgers nestled in between TWO GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICHES... Yes. That is my cross to carry, my burden to bear. (LITERALLY.)

I think I need to see if he'll hire me on as a prep cook. Maybe I can sneak the healthy stuff in there somewhere, or at least spy on what goes in so that i can count it accurately.

Actually, honestly, I'm glad he's enjoying cooking. My real challenge just comes in the fact that I need to be vigilant in my measuring and counting. And I do need to try to educate him on the healthy substitutions he can make without sacrificing flavour. I don't want to nip this in the bud, because he really does love to cook... and I love it when he does.


Jenny said...

I hope it's okay to ask...are you on the core or flex program? I am on core and I find it easier to eat DF's cooking because we make sure we are eating ffods that are on the core list (there are tons!) Maybe your husband would be open to trying to cook those types of foods???

TobyLauren said...

I have tried both, and my results are definitely better when I do flex. My sense of fullness is really screwed up, and I just need the extra accountability of counting. That said, I've taken a loooong break from flex, and have been doing a really loose version of Core for the past few months. I've lost a few pounds, but as I said.... it's Flex for me.

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