Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Do I want this?

A question I have to repeatedly ask myself isn't DO I want this, but rather, HOW MUCH do I want this?

It's hard work, changing your entire lifestyle, habits, and mindset. It's a challenge. I tend to do well in spurts, and then drag behind the wagon after falling off of it, hard.

This time I didn't just fall off the wagon. I didn't just bump along behind it, trying to clamber back on.

I lost the dang wagon.

It completely drove away without me.

Here I sit in the dust, contemplating making myself a lovely home of sticks and just staying put. Maybe catch the next wagon. Do I really want to run after my wagon? Especially after it so viciously left me? Running to catch up would be harder than staying put.

It would be easier if I hadn't fallen off in the first place.

Ohh, decisions, decisions.

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