Friday, November 2, 2007

The evil jean...

I've been walking around for months now in one of two pairs of maternity pants. One is a pair of brown slack/jeans, and the other is a standard over-the-belly maternity jean.

And my baby just threw up all over my only pair of jeans.

And my other pants are in the wash.

And in two weeks, we're going to the states for 2 weeks.

And I don't want to buy jeans.

Yesterday, I tried to find a pair of jeans, I really did. Well, maybe I didn't REALLY try. It's hard to tell. I thought I was trying, but looking back, maybe I gave up too easily. Maybe I let myself just be frustrated with the fact that I was pulling random sizes off the rack, not having worn a 'real' size in six months at least. And those were a what? A 16? A 14? I can't even remember, nor can I FIND those jeans. Who knows what happened to them.

I was looking through Walmart while I waited to hear if my doctor was back at the clinic from emergency... I really didn't want to drive all the hour home and back again. So I looked for jeans, with baby Helen in the cart (in her carseat), and Jimmie and Will in the cart itself. Then when it got full, I let them out. That was a mistake.

Anyway, Walmart didn't have anything that fit - at least not that I could find while dragging around a baby, a tantruming toddler and his big brother... ARGH!

Where can I go for jeans? Cheap jeans, because I don't want to spend any precious money on something that I HOPE I won't be fitting into in two months, anyway. When shopping is an hour away, and I know I'll be going it solo with 3 babies, I just don't want to have to shop around.

Thin people know their jean size - they don't need to try things on to find a 'flattering' cut, because nothign CAN look bad on a good-looking body.

I wish I could just walk in, grab jeans, and walk out.

I hate changing rooms.

And now I don't like baby puke much, either.


Leanne said...

Hey there...

I bought some great jeans off the reitmans sale rack for $22.

Good luck!


TobyLauren said...

That's awesome advice! Thanks for the tip. =)

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