Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not bad for the first week back.

I guess I was over-worried!

I lost 2.8 lbs my first week back at it. Nothing spectacular, but not too shabby either.

Today was a pretty good day. I made chili from scratch with home grown beef, and had a big bowl of it with bread and butter. Totally comfort food. Today was the day for comfort food, too, considering that the weather was miserably windy and dreary... it even snowed! Just a mad flurry for a few minutes, and then nothing, but the kids were enthralled.

I am reminded that I'll have to try to see winter through my children's eyes this year. If I look at it through mine, I might get too negative to appreciate it. Poor me - I have to bundle up 3 kids before I can go anywhere. Poor me, the power bill and heating bill are killing us... Poor me, I have to light a fire in the fireplace to appreciate its' glow. Poor me, I have to shovel the walk and drive in the yucky weather...

No. I need to see it through Jimmie's eyes, or Will's. Wow! Look at all the snow! Look at all the opportunities for forts and sledding! For skating and making snow angels and snowmen! Wow! Look at the chance to cuddle in front of the fire! The hot chocolate! The marshmallows made with Mama in front of the fireplace! Wow! The feeling of being alive! Of being so cold and then tingling to warm up! The bubble baths, the special treats, the baking... Wow!

Lord, help me keep my sense of wonder. Or do I mean re-claim it?

Besides, Winter's not even here yet. It was just a little flurry. It didn't even stick.

My sweet 4 year old Jimmie saw the first few flakes and softly said, "Mama! My stomach feels good! I think it's because my heart is happy." Basically, to my understanding, his description of excited butterflies, the anticipation of a glorious new season.


I need to remember all my blessings. Like having a 4 year old who I can look at life through.

I betcha he's not counting the calories in his peanut butter.

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